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Community Transit Privacy Policy


Community Transit is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust in the agency, its products and services, and its Web site. To that end, we are providing this notice which explains our online information practices with respect to information that we collect about you as a Web site browser and to process bus pass orders.

Community Transit does not collect personal information about you unless you voluntarily provide it to us. We automatically collect “anonymous” or statistical information as described below but only to assist us in improving this site.

We do NOT:

  • Share any personal information gathered on this Web site with other agencies or persons unless required by law;
  • Create personal profiles or provide personal information to private organizations; or
  • Collect and/or sell information for commercial marketing.

By “anonymous” information, we mean data that cannot be linked to specific individuals. When you visit our Web site, we automatically collect some basic information about your computer as part of the software operation of our Web site.

The type of information we collect includes:

  • IP address (your computer’s unique signature);
  • Operating system (e.g., Windows XP, Macintosh);
  • Browser software (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer);
  • Internet Service Provider (e.g., AOL, MSN);
  • The date and time you visit our site;
  • The specific pages you visit at our site; and
  • If you linked to our site from another Web site, the address of that site.

We log user hits, visits and sessions, but only to help us create a better overall experience for Web site users. The statistics are compiled into Web site traffic reports, which help us to understand, anticipate and respond to user behavior.

“Cookies” are another type of anonymous information. A Web site cookie is a small text file that a Web server (such as Community Transit’s) places on a user’s computer. When accessing a cookie, a Web server reads a number associated with a browser, but is unable to determine any data about a user (nor, for that matter, can the server do anything else with a cookie, malicious or otherwise). When reading a cookie, a Web server can tailor its information to the needs of the specific browser – for instance, when you want information specific to your needs or location called up each time you visit. Cookies can be erased by a computer user, or a personal computer can be configured to not accept cookies. However, certain advantages can be lost if cookies are not allowed and a user may have to log on to a Web site each time that site is visited.

Personal Information

Some personally identifiable information may be collected on this site from specific individuals who have volunteered information, most typically for purchase of a bus pass. Data could include name, phone number, address, e-mail address and credit card number. Providing that information to us is purely voluntary and is used to serve you better. For example, if you ask a question via our comment form and give us your e-mail address, we’re able to respond to your question personally. When you give your credit card number and physical address, we’re able to initiate a credit-card transaction and send you a bus pass.

Personally identifiable information volunteered on the Community Transit Web site is used only on a need-to-know basis, and will not be made accessible to unauthorized employees at any time.

Financial Transactions

Community Transit contracts with partners to collect information for financial transactions, such as the purchase of bus passes. Community Transit and its partners adhere to the privacy policy you’re reading now.

Community Transit partner Web servers contain state-of-the-industry security precautions that prevent personal information from being stolen or tampered with. If you submit a credit-card number, that information will be protected by secure server software (SSL), which encrypts all information before being securely sent across the Internet.

Sharing of Information

Neither Community Transit nor its partners will sell, lease or give away personally identifiable information to other governments, organizations or private businesses within the limits of the law. The information you provide will be used only for the purpose for which it is intended, however, once submitted to this Web site it becomes a public record subject to public record keeping regulations including disclosure. In most cases the information you give us will be used only to help us in providing you information that you request.

Public information (as opposed to private information) involves information about activity that is regulated. For example, in purchasing a bus pass online, a person’s name is public information (because transit systems are regulated by the state), but the fact that you bought it with a certain credit card number is not (because means of purchasing is not regulated).

Public information includes correspondence with Community Transit, including e-mails and Web site comments about agency processes, policies, activities and other types of general correspondence. However, certain subjects fall under exemptions of the state’s public disclosure act, including employee benefit questions, collective bargaining and other types of client-specific data.

For details, see "Revised Code of Washington 42.17.260(1), Documents and indexes to be made public," and the federal "Freedom of Information Act."

You Retain Control of Your Information

The personal information you provide when you purchase a pass through our Web site is retained indefinitely by Community Transit and electronically stored in secure environments that are inaccessible to the public. If, at any time, you wish to have your name and other personal information removed from our database, or you wish to review, update, correct or ask questions about your personal information, please let us know by writing to us at Community Transit, 7100 Hardeson Road, Everett, WA 98203-5834, Attention: Customer Service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Community Transit reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time but will not do so without posting the modified Privacy Policy on our Web site. We encourage you to review our privacy policy whenever you visit our Web site to make sure you understand how your information will be used.


Community Transit does not warranty the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the information published on this Web site and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by the reliance on such. Any person or entity that relies on any information obtained from this site does so at his or her own risk.